Result over planned traffic changes

SA1WBC members will be delighted to learn that we've received some good news about plans by Swansea Council to prevent cars exiting SA1 via Kings Road.

A recent letter advises that plans are now on hold pending other methods of improving traffic flow.

This action follows a presentation a few weeks ago by a senior council official to the Business Club and representations made both on the day and subsequently about the difficulties such a change will bring.

Clearly we are having influence as a group and this rethink is a result of direct feedback.

The full text from Swansea Council is below:

To confirm our earlier conversation and provide information to the members of the SA1 Waterfront Business Club regarding the current Council position on the closing of King’s Rd Northbound to general traffic, and measures being undertaken to provide mitigation.

Before any potential restriction could be introduced on King’s Road, the Council is seeking to maximise the throughput of traffic from Langdon Road, the junction has been remarked at the egress onto Fabian Way, changing it from a designated single lane city bound to two lanes city bound. Flows and throughput are being monitored, it will always take some time for drivers to get used to a highway alteration and take full advantage. Once traffic patterns settle down, signal timings will be adjusted to ensure junction operation is as efficient as possible.

The revised operation will continue to be monitored and fine-tuned for a couple of months. As you will appreciate, during peak periods there is considerable demand on all approaches to Tawe Bridges, the assessments being undertaken are intended to ensure that all legs are balanced to minimise delay and frustration for all drivers on their homeward commute.

I trust that this helps in addressing the current concerns raised and I would confirm that I will write to both yourself and affected businesses once the analysis of the alterations to Fabian Way / Langdon Road has been completed and arrange to discuss the findings.

I would also note that the Council will continue to encourage Welsh Government to open the link to enable the access adjacent to McDonald's Restaurant to be used. There is continued growth of development within SA1 and in the longer term it is anticipated that this link will form a key node in maintaining access.

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